Jewelry Manufacturing


FD Worldwide’s flagship manufacturing facility is world-class, 30,000 square foot plant, strategically placed in Panyu, China.

Contained within the walls are every technological component of fine jewelry production. FD Worldwide maintains complete control of the production process, allowing us to provide our customers with the highest quality finished product available.

Product Development


Our designs are timeless, magical, and stunning. No matter what your customers’ are looking for, FD will help make sure they find it. Our beautiful collections are guaranteed to capture the hearts of your consumers.



From initial sketch to CAD illustration and final model making, all of our product is made to precision and perfection.



You can rest assured knowing that the same craftsmanship, love, and attention to detail is put into each and every one of our pieces. 

We provide trendsetting styles at competitive prices in all categories with proven successes.

The micro setting is one of the major settings in our factory and advanced micro setting and precision cutting ensure every diamond set in our jewelry pieces sparkles more brilliantly.

Quality Assurance


FD Worldwide has one of the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, setting a benchmark for quality control.

Our customers consistently give us high marks for our stringent quality control processes, resulting in a very low rate of return for our products.